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 "Multi-level Marketing Online Business Opportunity Success"
  "Multi-level Marketing Online Is your Opportunity For Success!"
In talking about the Global Domain product,
     And now we are going to talk bonus money. For every five sign ups you get in one week, you get $100!!! I would suggest on the duplication principle that if you put $100 into paid advertising and get $100 back, why pay yourself back and settle for only five sign ups on level one? Well for emergencies if you had to use it like an up front loan to be paid back as soon as possible but otherwise why not keep puting the $100 back into the program geting five more sign ups each week? And then when you reach level three from just the first five you will have about $155 so then combine that with the $100 bonus is $255 and use $200 for advertising to get ten more so you have fifteen altogether on level one! Put the other $55 back into pocket. Bingo! Next payday, you get another $155 plus $200 bonus money plus $15 from level one plus whatever is on level three! Well you get the idea! It really adds up fast when you keep reinvesting!!!!
     There are quite a few more, but you will see them when you log in.
For a multi-level marketing online business opportunity, this company is tops!