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 "Multi-level Marketing Online Business Opportunity Success"

  "Multi-level Marketing Online Is your Opportunity For Success!"

Welcome back to Free training fun!

     Now we are going to talk about online classified ad.s. These are fantastic because they help to boost your Google ranking incredibly! I spoke about the bonus from Google concerning them giving you some organic visitors to your site, then when the other big brothers see that, they also throw traffic your way which then boosts your rank. Now, when you advertise with classified ad sites, you might not make that many sign ups but with so many thousands of visitors going to your website, your rank will go higher because that is a big thing with Google and plus, since all these visitors are organic rather than pay per click, and Google sees it, and of course, knows they are not paid for, freely gives a much dramatically higher ranking percentage wise. This is important because there are sites that have been on top for years so it is difficult to compete with them and climb up above them no matter how well S.E.O. organized your site is so the more of any form of advertising that gets visitors to your site is going to raise your ranks. You do not have to be at the top, but high enough that you get so many visitors that you get plenty of sign ups no matter what! Of course, once you get some sign ups you will not care much about anything anymore because you will get more and more busy cultivating because once anyone of your downline gets sign ups, he or she will be so excited and "hooked" and keep on going! Your downline will grow forever! That is what is so exciting and magical about multi-level marketing on line! Those one level affiliate marketers are constantly advertising forever trying to get their email data base bigger to make more sales but with us, our downline is our emailing. And we do not try to sell them anything-just cultivate it and watch the magic happen!!!

     Some Classified ad.s sites are strictly paid while others are strictly free, or free with upgrade status available. And some change around so as you go through these, I want you to make a file to keep notes on anything and everything you think might be important later especially which have upgrades because you might not have money now, but later you will have plenty and may want to free up all your time and just upgrade those and forget the rest. Here is what happens: you place the ad and you are in top place! But than somebody else comes along and now you are in second place, then another person and you are now third place and so on. After a while you are not seen because you are not even on front page! So it is critical you go in and refresh or repost your ad! Plus, somebody might have seen your ad, but not read it being short on time and so wanted to come back to it later, which is why you do not want to miss a day of posting, because lots of sign ups will come to you this way-sooner or later they will read your ad and come to your site. Later when you have tons of money, you can look at your file and upgrade on those ones and no longer have to keep posting daily. This is how the upgrade works:paid and free go on top when they first post and when you get rotated to bottom of paid members, you get automatically re posted to the top without manually doing it daily. Many factors go into how frequently you go to the top-every hour, week, or day so keep track of that and make your own decision.

     In Craigs list you need to set up account and log in to advertise. Do not believe it is in there just because they say so! Log out, go to city and category and physically look and see it. They might not like the ad,   and just say it is posted but it is not and this is called a "ghost" ad. Craigs list is notorious for this! Also with them you can not use a capture page which is squeeze page that makes them sign with name and email address to see your website. Use the one called "small biz. services. All else you have to pay-like Help wanted, To hire, employer looking for worker category, etc. It is great if you do have that much money now, but if not, it is fine-you will have plenty of money later.

     The is giant just like Craigs but you can also advertise in their "business opportunity" section-that is hot!

      Usually you can advertise in "business opportunity". Usually something short and to the point like:

"How to fire your rotten boss and start making up to a $1,000/day with this proven program. Go to  this website and leave name and email for exciting information and also receive two free gifts when we mail you the information!"      

Or  "How to fire your rotten boss and start making up to a $1,000/day with this proven program. We are so excited to help on the road to financial freedom we are even going to mail you two free gifts just for checking it out!

      I want to explain this a little better. It is called the two step form of advertisement. Lots of marketers just put an ad in the classified site to get the viewer to go to the website and buy. Too much competition like that. To beat the competition, get an auto-responder like Aweber which is really easy to learn to use and it has the sign up sheet where the person  leaves the name and email and then when they push the submit button, aweber sends the two free gifts and your website directly to their email box immediately. Now they have your website in their mail to look at whenever they want as many times and as long as they need to. YOU NEED TO HAVE DIFFERENT URL. ADDRESS/WEB TITLE OTHER THAN YOUR ACTUAL WEBSITE. You can also have have it the same which will then pop open your website when they push the submit button  and will still instantly email the two free gifts and your website to them. Now they can view your website instantly and still have it at home waiting for them for later! The two gifts are affiliate websites that are free sign ups for them which they can use to make money. So they will not mind leaving their name and email and even be anxious to see what you have for the two free gifts and in this way get even more visitors than just having the ad send them directly to your website! Plus you are building a mailing list!

     You send two free gifts, not one because everybody else gives just one so we are going to beat the competition! Use any two  you like but hopefully mine!

The first is  "

It is an online herbal pharmacy and the health market is really booming!

Go to that site and sign up as an affiliate marketer, and put your own link in your pages. 

This next one is going to really help you! Get signed up for hot leads-sign up, and buy leads to use with G.D.I. to  get sign ups or use them for that program, either way, as long as you are actively buying leads you get commissions from your downline buying leads from your leads website. Tons of ways to get paid with this and bonuses galore! These leads are meant for emailing and may or may not have phone #s

It is:

     I recently purchased a program from a one full page advertisement in Buss.Opp. magazine to see what they had and they were selling various programs and since they were in that magazine and with full page ad, you know they had to be making tons of cash or they could not have been able to afford that kind of advertising! They were advertising buss. opp.s like we are but without auto-responder So people were going to the website leaving name and email address but then they would manually email advertising back! Wow! What hard work without the auto-responder! And also they were not even mentioning or offering any free gift so imagine how much better you can do when you do offer not just one, but two free gifts! Are you catching onto the fact that I really am an expert?

     Here is simple fast way to enter your ad into the sites.

     First, make file containing the ad sites you want and save it on desktop and like wise other file which has your headline title and with a couple spaces below it, the body of the ad. Set the ad sites up in a word type doc. so when you click on it, it pops up the site online on screen. Make it small enough to have other file next to it in small size. Now copy and paste the title to title box, and ad body into ad body Done! Next one! 

     On the next page or two I will be giving you some lists of ad sites to save you some time. You can use these or google search for free online classified ads  and make your own list(s) that way.