Free training #9

Win with M.L.M.!
"Multi-level Marketing Online Is your
Opportunity For Success!"

   "Multi-level Marketing Online Business Opportunity Success"!!!

       Welcome to this sizzling hot training session where you can make a lot of sign ups with this incredible lead program our company has set up!!!!  

      What they do is advertise to find potential sign ups and 

pre-pare them to

join but instead of closing the deal they save it 

up for us! It does not get much better! How can it get any
better? You will have a high percentage of sign ups as per
the dollar amount so instead of the poor mans attitude of
"how much is this going to cost?" Take the rich mans attitude:
"How much profit will I make?" Then answer your self like this:
"Well, it costs this much but it will give me this many sign ups
on level one and since this is residual monthly cash, it will pay
for itself in several months. Much more than that, because in
several months, I will cultivate that level one into at least three
or four more levels! And since it is all residual, that means like
$1,000 or more each month and there are still
a few more levels to go! That is an amazing profit for just a
few dollars spent to get a few sign ups!"  And these leads
have all been called back to verify the phone # is good!
Hooked? Great!
     A cell phone with all you can talk time including
long distance is probably cheaper than a land line.
If you are close to expiration date you will want to
get another card or whatever to add more time
ahead of time because you do not want to keep these
leads waiting! You will want to be at your p.c. or have
lap top ready to go so you can help with the sign up.
So somewhere in the conversation you will ask if they
are in front of or have quick access to a p.c. or lap top.
Some might even want you to sign them up for them!
It is great if they are by a p.c. so after the sign up you
can talk them into the members area. And you can
even have a separate account for you to let them log
in and see for them selves the members training area
ahead of time as part of your sales pitch, and while
that is not nec., show the beautiful website you created,
etc.!! You might want your notebook and pen in case
they want you to set appointment for different time and
always get new appointment if you can not close the deal immediately! Get a hold of our staff to get as much
information about these leads as possible, what country
they are in, etc. Find out what time zone you are in and
where you are calling to and their time zone. For example,
if you get a list here in U.S., it is about 4 a.m. on the
west coast at 8 a.m. on the east coast. Morning calls are
8.a.m. until noon, then it is afternoon calls for people
living in middle of country and ones you could not reach,
etc. Evening calls go 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. Possibly 9 p.m.
No later! So be careful not to call too early or late!
Saturdays start calling a little later so you do not
wake up any late sleepers having a day off and lots of
people will be gone on Sunday mornings-but they will
be back in the afternoon! When you first get your first
group of leads go through it and write down on paper
the morning ones on top of sheet, middle ones on middle
of paper and evening calls at bottom or use different
sheets, one for each, etc. Write down everything-the
name, phone, address and time zone. Have a beverage
handy, see what time it is and look to see who to call
first, and begin the race!!`!
Sales pitch is easy. If you never did it before, just say
something like:"Hello John? So glad I caught you at
home today! My name is Henry and I am calling because
my company provided your name and phone to me to
give you information about who we are and what we
do and maybe I can give you a completely free tryout
membership and since you requested somebody to call
you about this I agreed but the truth is I am new at
talking to people on the phone like this so I am pretty
nervous but if I could just have a few minutes of time
I will do my best! Is that o.k. with you, John?
(John says "Sure!)
O.k. That was pretty easy, right? Right! Now, what is
our product?Great! One of the biggest secrets of the
self-made millionaires is they will not invest in
unless it is residual monthly income forever. They just
want to set it up, and forget  ever doing anything else
except to just sit back and rake in the bucks. Just a one
time set up done right means serious income for life!
Do you like that ida John? (John:"Well Heck yes!!!)!!
Great! I feel the excitement in your voice! Now, the
way we do things is like on a multi-tiered structure
and platform of payment and everybody gets paid
identical commissions but in doing it this way you can
have armies of employees working beneath you
without paying out a cent and they are getting
commissions but you are getting commissions from
all of their commissions combined! And it is all residual
repeating monthly income that just keeps growing and
(John shouts:"Oh heck yah! Tell me all about it!")  !!!!!
      1) completely customisable website using super easy
state of art click, drag and drop technology. Eight
customizable email addresses specific to the website
you build and complete with hosting all for low $10/month
with no set up fees, etc.! Plus
2) A multi-level marketing online business opportunity
providing a growing monthly
residual income for life!
"And John, you know what else I really
love besides all that? well, blah, blah,blah
and besides I can offer you a completely
free 7 day tryout program such that if
you change your mind, you will not be
charged anything and will not be charged anything ever
until after your 7 day tryout
period is over.
Well students, now or towards the beginning
of the conversation is the time to get him to watch the
little race car movie! He will want
to sign up!
 Well students, just a quick one more....
Hello John!(blah, blah,blah)
There is something so powerful I just
really want you to see it so very much!!
Are you anywhere near your desktop or
Good Luck! Now go sign them up!!!!