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For both the

fast cash club members and also the Fast cash club members:

Hey multi-level marketers-this is the information mentioned about getting on top

 rank of Google sEO. search ranks as mentioned on home page of our training site

so now you do not need to wait for me to mail it out to you and do not need to

email me neither-it is right here for those of you who are good enough students
to read each page...and for you

fast cash club members-on this page you will find the free gift of getting onto

 high rank using SEO as promised as one of your free gifts...

And now all of you are one big group of fast cash club members! Here is the Info

First as an example, let us use the search word multi-level marketing...

so we know we are going to build our website around it-concerning it... and so

we use it as the very first part of our website address or URL. Next by same 

website address is what we use for the title on top of our home landing page.

Then, comes the sub-title which just like the URL and title, begins with that

 keyword. The sub title is same as title with a descriptive phrase or sentence 

following it. Next comes same subtitle/description(spell out word description)!

And now the first paragraph and each paragraph begins with that keyword. And 

that keyword is used frequently in the text but sparingly so it sounds

 educational rather than robotic. Try and use the suffix of "dot info." and

 make sure and not sell anything. And offer free gifts!(you have a res-ponder

 to capture email addresses and send sales letters to recipients.and to send 

free gifts) And Google and search engine spiders do not know you are going to

 sell later! Make sure and

have contact info. on front page. Google loves it! You are not selling google's

readers anything and still even have your contact info. right there plus giving

 away free gifts! And the 

search spiders crawl onto your site-first through the search word in your 

URL., then, title, then sub-title, etc. Now-

Your email capture page can be full page size and just not have any text

and you go from there! That IS your website! (just give the capture page a url)

OR: Capture page has no URL, is a link in your advertising, and is identical to

your website-homepage with-out the text or for those people who do not like 

to sign up, advertise just the website with auto-responder embedded in it to 

give them the free gifts if they want them! That means they do not have to 

sign up to get to your site. And when there, they can sign up or not if they 

want the free gifts. If not, they will return to your site and if they do sign up,

you have them! In this case, for the res-ponder embedded in your home page, just 

put some thing simple like"sign and submit here to receive your gifts" and make

 sure the rest of your website has what all I explained above.I have

 only seen one marketer other than my self use this 3rd technique in my whole


and never seen any teacher teach this 3rd one! You are welcome!

So there is three techniques right there getting your site top rank while also

 using the auto res ponder. Some sites have been on top for years and so you 

will not be able to bump them unless you also use traffic driving methods also.

And driving enough traffic all at once will also temporarily push your site to

first place-as will KEEPING PEOPLE ON YOUR SITE FOR LONG TIME. Besides much 

content, have other links to send them to-and ALWAYS make the new link

open in a new window so when they click the "x" instead of back arrow, they 

will end up back on main page instead of being disconnected plus while in the 

new window, they are still connected as far as the search engine spiders are 

concerned. If the website changes into the new site , it is a disconnection 

from the original so make sure to open new site in new window so old site is

still there!

As a quick bare bones look:




That is all for this subject. It is Christmas morning and I wish each of you

Happy prosperous New Year!


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Pay pal, TT3, and rev-share pr

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Up date to the revenue share program. About 90% seem to be legit, Great little money makers! 5% are scams and 5% got scammed by Pay-pal!
    Yes, Pay-pal is the great scammer when it comes to these programs-it all starts out well, then Pay-pal suddenly decides they will not give the money back to the company so the company can not give money to the members! Not until they change all the rules according to Pay pals liking!
     So as always, never sink your money into one program! So for example like here, if there are one bad one for every 9, then invest into 11, and the one that does not pay will not be enough of a loss to bother you!
     I am not happy with Pay pal or TT3! TT3 got scammed by Paypal and seems they themselves went scam! But i LEFT THE POSITIVE RESULTS IN THE BLOG SO YOU COULD SEE HOW THINGS SHOULD WORK-BUT DO NOT INVEST INTO TT3.

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Profits In 72 Hours!

Posted by william The On Line Profit Line In 72 Hours!
     Congrats for making it to this page! You just entered a whole new world of profits!
     Two groups are viewing this post today. Both will get tons of profit from this! One group is the group that are the people who have come to this post through this website and you need to learn all about this and the other group has been directed here by advertising- a splash page, classified, traffic exchange, etc., and likewise you need this website about classified advertising, Believe me, with both these techniques in hand, you are holding an unfair advantage over all the other marketers. I am going to keep this short so let us begin now!
And to get the rest of this incredible website/blog just click on the homepage button above or click here
     What is the 72 hour profit line?
     Simple. In the old  days, a person could go to a traffic exchange and surf countless hours and days for credits to advertise their website, for free or put up a lot of money up front instead. Now some sites have changed. They are called revenue sharing sites and in exchange for your viewing about 10 websites daily, they will give your advertising money back with profit! As an example, let us say a site offers an advertising pack of a certain amount of web site views, banner clicks, and clicks on your text ad, etc., all for .00 and it returns 120% in up to three days(72 hours)=.20! If you purchased 100 of these it means you pay out 0 and receive back 0.00! Some go by the hour and others earn by the minute, it is all the same but some sites pay better rates than others- like anywhere from 10% to 60%-some by the day flat rate, others by three day flat rate thus my terminology:"72 hour profits". 
      As you can imagine this has been revolutionizing the internet marketing business!
     I plan to show proof here on this page that it works, and then send you to another page to teach you all the idio-synchrisies of how to
Make the Absolute Highest Profits Fastest!
       Between the 72 hour technique and this web-learning site on the long lost art of profitable classified advertising you should have your riches in no time at all so you people should have your financial freedom very quickly now! Throw some advertising out there, and do it!
     I am going to give you students from this site the splash page link that brought the other group here so you can see how it works to use one link after another-the splash page, to this site, to the next which has all the links you need. And you people who came from the splash page please also study this website intently- and both groups please remember I gave you plenty of special links here inside this website to help you be a success!
     Here is the splash page for those of you who need it

And now let's begin. 

I used Pay-Pal as a payment processor to start-and some of you may have heard how they went scam on the whole internet with these revenue sharing sites-so you will see in my deposits only two deposits-processors-Pay-Pal and now Solid Trust Pay. A while between the two deposits-but only two deposits groups from start to now but examine the profit! Please use scroll bar.

#1 2016-02-18 SolidTrust Pay $ 10.00 Membership subscription by webmasterwill Approved Details
#2 2016-02-17 SolidTrust Pay $ 45.75 Account funding by webmasterwill Approved Details
#3 2015-12-03 PayPal $ 52.25 Account funding by webmasterwill Approved Details
#4 2015-12-02 PayPal $ 55.39 Account funding by webmasterwill Approved Details
#5 2015-12-01 PayPal $ 10.00 Membership subscription by webmasterwill Approved Details
#62015-12-01Pay$ 52.25Account funding by webmasterwillApprovedDetails

Now I want to show you from my account how the Pay pal balance got transferred from Pay-pal back into my account showing this particular company/website is honest or it never would have showed up and its name is triple threat (TT3)

51 2016-03-04 20:11:33 SolidTrust Pay webmasterwill buys 5 share(s) in Ad Pack 1 with repurchase balance - .0000 1.7300
52 2016-03-04 20:11:00 SolidTrust Pay webmasterwill buys 5 share(s) in Ad Pack 1 with repurchase balance - .0000 6.7300
53 2016-03-04 13:59:56 SolidTrust Pay webmasterwill buys 15 share(s) in Ad Pack 1 with repurchase balance - .0000 1.7300
54 2016-03-04 13:54:09 SolidTrust Pay Transfer from PayPal balance - fee(%content%) + 6.8076 6.7300
55 2016-03-04 13:54:08 PayPal Transfer to SolidTrust Pay balance - 6.8076 9.9224

Now I want to show you what there is in just a few weeks of investing
Active Adshares 1.00
Expired Adshares ,202.00
Total Adshares ,613.00
Active Adshares

Do you see how I tripled my money in a few weeks, stopped when the money got locked up by Pay-pal, later reinvested and tripled my money again, now, had the Pay-pal money back in and been reinvesting it a little at a time -  repurchasing as many in one day as possible. In a day, it will be about 0! It will triple in 3 weeks again-and again in another 3 weeks and again and-do you know how? It works! Compounding all the earnings! Plus Triple Threat is doing a special promotion right now-40%/day! And they are paying-here is some proof

1 2016-03-07 01:24:23 SolidTrust Pay 40.00% rebate earned on share (#2499033) + .6000 2.1300
2 2016-03-07 01:22:36 SolidTrust Pay 40.00% rebate earned on share (#2498923) + .0000 8.5300
3 2016-03-07 01:22:29 SolidTrust Pay 40.00% rebate earned on share (#2498907) + .0000 2.5300
4 2016-03-06 19:31:33 SolidTrust Pay 40.00% rebate earned on share (#2482600) + .0000 6.5300
5 2016-03-06 19:12:23 SolidTrust Pay 40.00% rebate earned on share (#2552101) + .2000 8.5300
6 2016-03-06 18:54:27 SolidTrust Pay 40.00% rebate earned on share (#2551910) + .0000 7.3300
7 2016-03-06 18:54:07 SolidTrust Pay 40.00% rebate earned on share (#2551657) + .8000 3.3300
8 2016-03-06 17:54:28 SolidTrust Pay webmasterwill buys 2 share(s) in Ad Pack 1 with repurchase balance - .0000 2.5300

You can do these amazing things, too! Go to the site I am about to give you, study it, use my affiliate links to join up and follow the instructions closely! You will see first profits in 72 hours or less!!!
By the way-please excuse this little bit of sloppiness-I used "copy and paste" rather than screen copy, photo shop, or whatever- because those can be altered but you know this copy and pasting is accurate- the html does not work that well but you get the ida and here now is the winning website to teach you to be an expert like myself

Enjoy and Peace Be With You!

William Callahan/Internet Marketer

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Free, Paid, and hybrid

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Welcome Students!
    Today I want to bring a CRITICAL ASPECT  to your 
      When you advertise in a place that has only FREE advertising, you win! When you advertise in a place that is only paid, you win! When you advertise in a place that has both paid and free, and you pay, you win, but in that place, if you advertise for free, you lose! Why? Because all ad.s are rotated. Newest ad.s are on top, getting rotated down the list as new ones come in until yours is not even visible. If there is an upgrade you pay for, it usually means to rotate with other upgraded people so that list is on top, and gets rotated, and then back to the top again and rotated down again until droping off and getting placed on top again so it is seen many times over, rather than droppping off at the bottom permanently. If you are in a hybrid place-and place refers to on or off line paper, magazine, journal, whatever; hybrid meaning both free and paid-the free clients are below the paid clients who are more easily seen-so in that case, free clients lose, paid wins! And if offered, choose the upgraded offer to have your paid ad on top of the free section, be rotated back to the top, over and over again! Now you win! So the only time you win going for free is in a place that is all and only free! That is why earlier I mentioned keeping track of all the ones on your lists as to which ones were free, paid, or offering upgrades.
Now go make some money!!!

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Classified Set Up

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Welcome back
     In this short little post I wanted to give some helpful hints on classified ad.s.
     Many will make you register opening an account and also some will send advertising and or notifications, etc. So... BE SURE TO SET UP SEPARATE EMAIL ADDRESS JUST FOR THEM! You got plenty from G.D.I. and if you want to reserve those for other things, you can always set up free G Mail. Part of the idea of this posting and specifically this paragraph is so you realize that some of these places will send countless, endless emails/advertising from their clients as part of the deal like when you sign up for some, your ad. might be sent to all the other advertisers- this has good and bad things but you need to have a seperate email address for all these to come to that is then different than your regular business address to avoid clogging up your main line thus avoiding the situation of missing out on important messages due to all the advertising and or junk mail
      As you register each one, try  to have same usernames and passwords for each. And if any thing is different with any, then when the email comes with your verification and or log in info., STAR it, so you can easily distinguish it from all the junk mail messages. Especially some will give you password for you, and you may or may not be able to log in and change it so it is very important to put all these things into play! See you at the bank deposit line!
Good luck and God bless

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