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"Multi-level Marketing Online Business Opportunity Success"

  "Multi-level Marketing Online Is your Opportunity For Success!"

      So did you like the movie? I love that little hot rod race car!

     Did you sign up for the program? We sure hope so because there is so much money to be had here!

      On this page I am going to teach you the secret weapon of success which we call "The duplication formulae" which works with all businesses and also for this or any multi-level online business opportunity I am going to teach you what the secret of success called:"cultivation" so let's begin there.

     First  when you get a multi-level marketing online business(referred to or abbreviated as M.L.M), it is like the purchase of a farm. Because now that you have it, it is time to plant it! And then, cultivate it and of course water it to be able to obtain a harvest. Affiliate marketers are not the same as ourselves. They simply sell, and all on one level. If anything they will make their own product and recruit an army of affiliates below them but it is only one level compared to our many levels down. So that is like what we do on level one, but we keep going five levels down. Please let me explain that while they set up new product, aqnd we do not, we have it all set up for us! We do perform some work on the farm to get going- fences, plumbing- plough   the land, etc. Then we plant!(advertising, promotion, etc.!) And the crops come up! 

     But  immediately we must water, and etc.! Now, we do this five levels down! How!

     Immediately when you sign up,  I will mail you! It will say things like this:

"Congrats for joining! Open the training attachments I enclosed to learn how to start making big bucks now! Proof of how I get sign ups is that you signed up below me!!!

     How powerful a testimony can that be? So now, in each attachment is a form of advertisement  I used at the time of your sign up. Choose to use them all or just a few, or maybe just the one that got you to sign up! "

     And I want you to send a letter just like that to each and every body you signed up! It also includes the secret S.E.O. training I sent you in attachment! 

     And I want you to send it to each and everybody who signs up all the way through your level five!!! I will also send my emails to each of them! 

THINK OF THIS-! I give you my expertise-so you get sign ups-so now, you have level one and

you email them plus me is twice as powerful as just one of us! But also, we are teaching them!!!     Teaching them to teach there downline! 

     Now imagine this-so if we continue the example of ten sign ups and WE TEACH THEM ALL TO GET TEN SIGN UPS THROUGH ALL FIVE LEVELS,  what do  you think that will look like?! 

Yes, about $100,000.00 per month residual income for life! And there you have it!

     But  how  is all this possible? 


      So now you know what to do when you follow my instructions  and get your level one!!!

Now follow my instructions to get all five levels going-

 I have you and you I-

Now, your level one has welcome from both you and I! Instead of just you being on my level one, now, let us say you got ten sign ups-

     and we taught them well- so now, your  level two, which is my level  three; they just got welcome letter from you, I, and each of your 100 or more sign ups on your level!

     So this means on that  next level, So now, next  level is  You, I, and 100 other marketers having success!  And teaching it to their downline!

     I hope you got the point!!!

You plant the seed, then water and cultivate it! 

And it goes through the levels and gets so big of a harvest, you can not believe it!!! 

     Some of the people you sign up will be beginners, others experts!

Can you now imagine 102 marketers emailing your downline level three that you set up

??? What ever happens on level two and how many testimony and training letters will  be sent out!

    You remember I told you up front save it, keep it,,? This very website! You see, by placing this training here, you already have training to begin immediately!

      So that is the idea of cultivation-to email all your downline immediately to get them going-a letter that combines a "congrats!" and training including the S.E.O. I am going to send you!

     The "duplication secret" means to do whatever I am doing because I am successful and you can duplicate my success by duplicating what I am doing! The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same old thing over and over  without getting results, expecting to get results and you never do! Wrong kind of duplication! Find someone successful and duplicate whatever they are doing and you will be duplicating their success! And further, this duplication of success is multiplied in multi-level marketing online by way of each level growing and emailing their downline such that each new level has more training available than the previous level!

On the next few pages I will show you the actual techniques I use to get massive amounts of sign ups.