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"Multi-level Marketing Online Business Opportunity Success"

  "Multi-level Marketing Online Is your Opportunity For Success!"

     This is going to be a really great, fun free training lesson today.

     Let us look back in time. I was getting ready to do affiliate marketing for Lawrence Talbot selling his book "Fatten your Wallet Fast". He was an off line direct mail superstar And a genius about all kinds of off beat ways to make money like getting commissions on sales from lost customers coming back to that business, etc.-just too many things to mention here. So I was going to resell his book. And use his sales letters as he prescribed. He also had a two step method of using classifieds. Review this: It is use less to mail a one page sales letter or a ten page letter. One is not enough to sell and usually things get thrown away without being read any way. So the answer is to send one page "flyer or teaser" asking them to write and get more exciting information! For classifieds, you will never get a sale just asking for the sale in the ad so ask them to write for more information. I explained how to do this work online in the previous training on classifieds. Both these are two step methods that bust loose the sales!! 

     Now along came the Rolanders. I purchased their program which was how to use your answering machine as a sales machine 24/7!

     I n their system, they would advertise the product in the ad with the bottom line saying"You'v got to call and hear this exciting message any time 24/7! Then there would be another exciting  much more detailed description and then the "call to buy". That was a two step method done in a new and unique way! But I took it one step farther and asked for them to send an s.a.s.e. for more exciting and by the time they  got it they were so anxious that ka-ching! Hear those cash register bells ring? And where Lawrence was making 5% using his sales letter, I was making 10%! Other mail and classified ad.s marketers only made about 2.5% by not using the two step method at all! 

So this is a three step method of making sales.

    The first step is the classified and second is the answering phone and the third is your website which you are going to mail to them. The answering phone is replaced by the  1 -800 number that is a service you can get like a cyber space answering machine! You call a # and log in and set up the voice mail, etc. For the asking for sase, what you ask for is them to do it by way of mailing it to your website capture page. From there you must email them back with your website or if you have about $10/, get the auto-responder like Aweber and have it email them back instantly with your website  and do not for get

The two free gifts!!!

Using the auto responder not only saves you work but also speeds up the whole process and the universe loves speed so the faster you move things the faster you will  have profits!

When you combine the three step method with the website and auto-responder you have one of the biggest fastest marking systems on the planet!!!