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 "Multi-level Marketing Online Business Opportunity Success"

  "Multi-level Marketing Online Is your Opportunity For Success!"

     Now we get into the fun part! Making money with the worlds most powerful multi-level marketing online business opportunity!

      You will learn special secrets of S.E.O.(search engine optimization) when you join up under me and those secrets are how I want you to build your website regardless if you choose  S.E. O. as your main form of promotion or any other form. It is completely free. If you do optimize your sites like I tell you, the advertizing you do will bring you closer and closer to the top. Plus if you did a pay per click campaign so you are in first place, it will stay near the top when you are done! 

     Now I am going to teach you all about pay per click. Maybe you would ask me "why in the world would I do that when I teach S.E.O.?" Because S.E.O. is free and p.p.c. is the most expensive out there! Because of supply and demand! Just put the money down and it works! Of course you have to do it right! And I am going to teach you right now how plus to get it for free! Yes, free pay per clicks! Plus when you use pay per click, Google gives you some extra visitors! Like as if you did not do p.p.c. at all! And when Yahoo and Bing see this, they also send visitors and altogether that is a lot of traffic between the three! That also helps Google rank you higher and like I said, when your site is optimized, it has a tendency to stay up high there.

     First of all, the first word of the title of your webpage in the address must be the one single word you use for the search word for p.p.c. In case some of you do not even know what pay per click is, well, it is an auction. Like Google is going to auction off the search keyword"multi-level marketing"and advertisers bid on it and if they are the highest bidder, they win and Google places the advertisement from the advertiser on the very top of the column on the right hand side of the search results. Those are all p.p.c. adds, and all on left of the column are" organic" meaning they got there just from S.E.O. and nothing else. To win the bid at auction, some people bid one penny higher while others might bid two, but few bid three , let alone four because the prices are high enough anyway. So bid three cents over  and you will probably get it the cheapest and still get it. You might have to go for four but first try for just three. 

     Look at mine. Multi-level marketingonlinebusinessopportunitysuccess.

that would be very cheap to bid on because no one think  to type that all in as a search word. But to drop the word success off the end would make all the difference in the world but still keep costs down. It would be slow moving to get enough people to click but most of them would sign up because that is the exact keyword they typed in. Now, on the other hand, to simply use one word like multi-level marketing is too generic and what you have might not be what that person had in mind. So it is wasted money especially because single words are the most costly because of supply and demand-and that is what most people type in is just one word. You want that keyword/search word to be the first in your website name/title/address and as first word in description of it. This is because you want people to see it! The first thing they see is the organic add.s which are the big, long ones that go across the whole page. Then as they read the top line of the top add, through their peripheral vision they see the very search word they typed in right there and now they look and want to click on it! Very exciting, ah? And also same rules for classified add.s-always have that keyword handy and readily see able.

    Here is how to get free p.p.c.

Go into google search and type in:"$100 worth of free Google Adwords advertising" and you will get countless pages after pages of hosting companies offering you $100 worth of Adwords in return for trying out their hosting plan for a one month no contract plan for about $10! Even if you only have $10, that is worth $100 in advertising that will certainly get you a minimum of five sign ups and G.D.I. will pay a $100 bonus to any of us who  gets five or more sign ups in a week! So now you just invested $10 for hosting which gave you pay per click advertising for free, and put $90 cash profit in one pocket and five sign ups into the other which represents $5 residual income every month for life! Instead of using their web building, you can simply use wordpress for free to get as many websites as you want and have them host them. Push the G.D.I. program, just have them host it. The only way you pay another $10/month to G.D.I. is for another website.(and they host it).You can use the links, banners, etc. from G.D.I. for free. That is what it is there for. Or if Word press changed their rules by now and you only get one, then just have get more from G.D.I., and let the hosting company offering the free Adwords advertising to you do what is called a "redirect" So even though it is origionally  hosted by G.D.I., it goes through their server so they still charge you $10.00 and you still get the Adwords. They do it all the time, like it is just another affiliate site is all- they do it all the time. And if it is one that has a site builder on it, and they tell you that you have to use their site builder, I would just hang up the phone because none of the site builders work as quick and easy as ours!!! And if it costs $20.00 total instead of $10.00,so what? Because you still get the same sign ups, and still got $100.00 worth of Adwords! So who cares if you had to pay $20.00 rather than $10.00? It is like paying only $20.00 for $100.00 worth of Adwords! People forget that even without this the Adwords pay per click campaign will eventually pay for itself because our program is RESIDUAL MONTHLY INCOME FOR LIFE! So all you should care about is getting the sign ups-not how much it cost to get them-plus we are a 5 level muti-level online business opportunity and I already explained and taught how to cultivate  that first level and all the rest! Even if it cost you a full $100.00 to get five sign ups, and everybody only got five-look at this magic:

5x$5=$25; $25x5=$125 you just got your money back on your level two! now,

$125x5=$625; $625x5=$3125; $3,125x5=$15,625 !!! All that from $100.00 spent to get five sign ups! And remember-when people in your downline get some sign ups, they will keep on going! And be cultivating their levels, also! There is so much money to be made through Global Domains!!! As part of your training, later in this site I am going to introduce you to some other M.L.M.s and I hope you promote them as well, but you can see how I am indirectly pushing them to put most of my energy into Global Domains because there is so much profit here!!! And so easy to get sign ups! Once you get people to see how the money keeps multiplying itself, the program sells itself, especially with the help of the movies!

And this also demonstrates two attitudes

1.) The losing attitude  of financial losers who will never get out of poverty which is:"How much will this cost me?

2.)The winning attitude of the rich and wealthy which is:

How much profit will I get out of this if I spend this much to have it? 

     Make it easy on yourself-copy and paste from master website to duplicates. All same except change the webname/url different like maybe add: #1 to the end of it and #2 to the end of the second one. Or /test 1, etc.

    Have I made you happy yet? Are you thrilled you found me? Did you sign up yet?

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